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    Work Family Life

    Juggling the day to day and a career isn't easy. That's why we created BlckBx. Family and lifestyle virtual assistance.

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    A dedicated lifestyle service for busy working families

    We match you with a dedicated family assistant to help manage and co-ordinate your family care and take away the mental load of to-dos that you carry around every day.

    This frees you up so you can focus 100% at work and spend quality time with your loved ones and more time on your own wellbeing - instead of juggling the constant stream of family admin, research, bookings, orders and household management.

    With BlckBx you also get access to our little black book of experts who can help and advise you at any time.

    We aim to be a vital support to you and your family’s everyday lives and the people you can rely on to get things done.

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    Personalised services

    Imagine if you could be given back the hours you spend every week co-ordinating, researching, booking and managing your family to do list and responsibilities.

    However your family is made up, from just you, a partner, children or elderly relatives; whoever you care for, we are here to support you.

    We will provide you with a dedicated family assistant who really cares and has your back 24/7. You can text, email or call at any time. No jobs are too big or too small.

    Personal & Family Agenda
    Childcare & Schools
    Elder & Adult Care
    Home, Car & Garden
    Health & Personal Care
    Restaurants, Pubs & Bars
    Activities & Entertainment
    Birthdays & Holidays

    Personal & Family Agenda

    BlckBx helps co-ordinate your family diaries so you can have one central agenda of what’s going on.

    Your family assistant will get to know you and soon be able to anticipate your needs and be a central part of your family management.

    From co-odinating your diaries, or just sifting through all of those school emails. BlckBx can take the pain away so you never drop a ball or double book again.

    Childcare & Schools

    The admin and logistics of caring for little people from newborns to school and college students takes so much time up in your week. Managing school emails, homework, activities, hobbies and friends parties - there is always something to Google, book and purchase.

    If your child gets sick, then we can also help organise emergency back up care from specialist and vetted nannies. If you need specialist help from lactation consultants to feeding experts or educational behavioural experts -we can help find the right people for you.

    If you have children with learning difficulties, a disability or health issue, this adds an extra circle of to-dos. We can assist with all of this, including keeping on top of doctor appointments and special care needs.

    BlckBx helps you take care of your little ones lives, so you have more time for them.

    Elder & Adult Care

    1 in 5 of us will work and care for an adult or elderly family member at some point of our working lives.

    BlckBx assists the care management, organization and co-ordination of everything you need to do to keep the people you care for happy and healthy.

    From booking private in-home elder care services using our partner Cera Care, to helping manage medical appointments or transport.

    BlckBx has a team of subject matter experts on hand to deal with anything that pops up.

    Home, Car & Garden

    If you need a cleaner, gardener or emergency tradesman, BlckBx will source a recommended supplier, interview them book them into your diary when you are available.

    BlckBx can also help with specialist needs from making your home toddler safe or to accommodate disabilities. We can help get you a better broadband deal or find the right tech to get you a better Wi-Fi signal.

    We can also arrange for services to be carried out in your family’s homes that you care for. All those niggly to-dos that you've not managed to get sorted out, we are here to get on top of!

    Health & Personal Care

    Our family’s health is a priority but it's often so hard to get an appointment when you need it. BlckBx partners with leading online GP service Babylon Health, so we can set you up with them and get a virtual GP appointment that day. It's also open to your whole family to use.

    Whether you need to find an allergy specialist, physio, nutritionist or private doctor - your BlckBx virtual assistant will understand you, your unique family set up and what you need.

    So for any health questions, let BlckBx find the right person to talk to. We will set up a virtual appointment when it suits you.

    Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

    BlckBx can help take the pain away from weekly meal planning and grocery ordering.

    Thinking of new ways to feed your family takes time and research. Our in house nutritionist can discuss your family’s needs and create a rota of meals that are easy to cook or suggest weekly home meal services if you are too busy.

    We can help with allergies and intolerances too. If you want meals delivered, meals in a bag to cook yourself or all the ingredients from an online shop - we can accommodate that.

    Activities & Entertainment

    From remembering your MOT to researching a new bike, booking parking or ordering your season train ticket.

    If you have a family you are probably not only managing your own transport but are responsible for others too.

    Work and holiday travel can also be researched and booked by your virtual assistant whenever needed.

    We can also keep on eye on better travel insurance and help buy or hire the everyday family accessories needed such as car seats and buggies.

    Birthdays & Holidays

    When working there is never enough time to properly organise your family’s birthdays and celebrations.

    BlckBx can research venues, interview entertainers and organise the food, drinks and decorations.

    Sending and managing RSVPs for invitations and doing a final check means you can focus on work and know that everything going to be party perfect.

    We will find you a selection of gift ideas, buy and send them out for you too.


    Work Family Life
    balance with BlckBx


    Send us an email to register your interest.


    We will call you to learn a bit about you and your family.


    We match you with your own family assistant who can get started helping you from day one.


    We learn what you need when you need it, help anticipate your needs and be a constant support to you and your family.

    How much does it cost?

    We work with companies who want to offer BlckBx for free or as part of the flexible benefits scheme to their employees as they see the huge value our service brings.

    We also work with individual families. Please email us to discuss.

    1.Business Benefits

    • Increase productivity
    • Improve wellbeing and mental health
    • Drive talent acquisition and retention
    • Improve diversity
    • Ignite employee engagement

    2.Employee Benefits

    • Outsource your family admin to-do list
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Feel like you can really focus on work
    • Spend time with your loved ones
    • Have more time for you

    75% of employees are stressed nearly every day juggling home and family responsibilities with their careers. BlckBx can take away the administrative and logistical burden so employees can focus on what's important.

    In 2019 the World Health Organisation officially added burn out to is International Classification of Diseases – defining it as chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

    For fathers, it's not enough to just offer parental leave. 30% want to be more present fathers. That means helping them work more effectively so they go home on time and not work weekends.

    74% of parents are stressed every day. We need proactive and pre-emptive benefits that tackle the heart of the burn out problem, not later when it's too late.

    93% of employees carry out family related tasks at work. BlckBx helps reduce interruption and drive productivity by taking away these tasks.

    A helping hand whenever you need it.

    Our people are amazing! Experienced, professional and friendly – our family assistants each have over 10 years experience in the field.

    Many are mothers and fathers themselves and have worked as PAs, concierge agents and care workers. They really understand the pain points of juggling family and a professional work life.

    Every one of our assistants understands that privacy and trust is paramount and aims to provide a personal, dedicated service to each family they serve.

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    Get Started with BlckBx

    If you are interested in finding out more or would like to get your company signed up, please send us your details below.

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      Our aim is to help end burn out for working families.

      We have ambitions to be the best we can at work but we get held back just because we don't have the time. Instead we spend every spare minute on jobs just to keep our families' lives ticking over. We rarely have the time to spend quality moments with our loved ones or invest in ourselves.

      At BlckBx we can help make a huge impact to your life by helping you get everyday jobs done for your family so you can focus on the more important things.

      For businesses

      We can add value everyday onto the bottom line by driving productivity, enabling employees to deliver better quality work and helping to create a happier more engaged workforce.